Signed copy of my second poetry chapbook The Salt and the Song. Published by Headmistress Press in 2018.

ISBN 0999593064

The Salt and the Song


signed copy

"Virginia Petrucci is a collector of beautiful objects, a medium for the unknown & the known. The form delivers a captivating dismemberment of self, makes itself precious in chaos like a piece of polished sea glass-it is poetry that revels in burning at both ends. Amidst The Salt and the Song's energy and grit, Virginia Petrucci is at her most free".

-Giana Angelillo, author of Psychopink

"By giving emotions to the moon and sun and sea, Petrucci makes them appear closer and nearer to us. Her clever, creative wordplays offer delightful surprises. The final poem leaves the reader with a sense of unfinished business, emphasizing the lifelong process of growth."

"If eternity had an echo that we could actually hear it would be the song that rises out of these poems. The power of a crushing tide and the yearning of the sea tethers Petrucci's reader as these poems navigate uncharted parts of the ocean that surges through all of us."

-Nicole Santalucia, winner of the 2018 Charlotte Mew Prize


-Amy Lauren, author of She/Her/Hers and God With U