Personal writing projects include poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and screenplays. Virginia has also written for the L.A. Post Examiner, which can be found here:


“Daughter”, Pushcart Prize nomination, Headmistress Press, 2018

"The Salt and the Song" Semi-Finalist for the Charlotte Mew Chapbook Poetry Prize 2018

"We Want To Be Remembered" Runner Up for the Gover Prize in Flash Fiction 2014


"The Salt and the Song", Headmistress Press Purchase on Amazon, or Purchase through publisher

"Recipes And How To's", Red Flag Poetry 2017 Purchase copies here


“A Trouble At Men”, The Feminine Collective (forthcoming)

“The State Of Us Women”, The Feminine Collective Read online:

“Previvor”, The Feminine Collective Read online:

"Second Child", The Ginger Collect (issue 3, 2017) Read online:

"What The Bees Know", The Ginger Collect (issue 3, 2017) Read online:

"Sex, Kind Of", Another Chicago Magazine, Curbside Splendor Publishing (issue 53, 2015)

"Breakfast" Mom Egg Review (Vol. 13, April 2015)

"Soul Braid", Snow Monkey (2013) Read online:

"Good Morning Berlin", Spectrum Magazine, 2006


"Hilton In Dover", Flash Fiction Magazine (Jan 2018) Read online:

"The Man Inside", Glimmer Train honorable mention:

"A Good Friend", Avalon Literary Review (Spring 2017) Purchase:

"We Want To Be Remembered",, Matter Press (2015) Read online:

"Tuesday", Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal (March 2015) Read online:

"This Kid I Knew", Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal (March 2015) Read online:

"We Want To Be Remembered", Runner up for the Gover Prize in Flash Fiction, Best New Writing 2014, Hopewell Publishers (2013)


"Meals as Friends," Humanities/AITIA, SUNY at Farmingdale, (Vol. 28, Num. 3, 2010)

"Serotonin," Spectrum Magazine, 2008